Translation of "hover" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb uk /ˈhɒv.ər/ us /ˈhɑː.vɚ/

[ I usually + adv/prep ] to stay in one place in the air, usually by moving the wings quickly

A hawk hovered in the sky, waiting to swoop down on its prey. 一隻老鷹在天空中盤旋,要伺機俯衝捕捉獵物。
I heard the noise of a helicopter hovering overhead. 我聽到頭頂上直升機盤旋的聲音。

[ I usually + adv/prep ] to stand somewhere, especially near another person, eagerly or nervously waiting for their attention

A waiter hovered at the table, ready to take our order. 一名侍者守在桌子旁,等著我們點菜。
I could sense him behind me, hovering and building up the courage to ask me a question. 我能感覺到他在我身後猶豫徘徊,想鼓起勇氣問我一個問題。

[ I + prep ] to stay at or near a particular level

Inflation is hovering at three percent. 通貨膨脹率在3%左右徘徊。

[ I + adv/prep, T ] to put the cursor on a computer screen in a particular place without clicking on it:

The link changes to green when the mouse hovers over it.
If you hover the mouse pointer over the entry, the full web address will be displayed.

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