Translation of "let" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb (ALLOW) 允許 uk us /let/ (present tense letting, past tense and past participle let)

[ T + infinitive without to ] to allow something to happen or someone to do something by not doing anything to stop an action or by giving your permission

She wanted to go but her parents wouldn't let her. 她想走,但父母不讓。
He decided to let his hair grow long. 他決定把頭髮留起來。
Let your shoes dry completely before putting them on. 讓鞋子乾透以後再穿。
I'm letting you stay up late, just this once. 我允許你開夜車,但僅此一次。
Don't let it worry you. 不要讓它惹你心煩。
If he needs money, let him (= he should) earn it! 如果他需要錢,就讓他去賺吧!

[ T + obj + infinitive without to , not in past tenses ] used to show that you accept what is going to happen, although you do not like it

Let it rain - it won't spoil our afternoon. 隨它下吧——下雨不會影響我們下午的活動。

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