Translation of "move" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb (CHANGE PLACE) 改變地方 uk us /muːv/

[ I ] to go to a different place to live or work

We're moving to Paris. 我們要搬到巴黎去了。
They've bought a new house, but it will need a lot of work before they can move into it/move in. 他們買了個新房子,但搬進去之前還有許多工作要做。
I hear Paula has moved in with her boyfriend (= gone to live in his house). 我聽說寶拉搬到她男朋友家去了。
The couple next door moved away (= went to live somewhere else) last year. 隔壁的那對夫妻去年搬走了。
A lot of businesses are moving out of London because it's too expensive. 許多企業因為負擔不起高昂的費用而遷出了倫敦。
move house UK

to leave your home in order to live in a new one

We're moving house next week. 我們下周搬家。

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