Translation of "name" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun uk us /neɪm/

[ C ] the word or words that a person, thing or place is known by

"Hi, what's your name?" "My name's Diane." 「嗨!你叫甚麼名字?」 「我叫戴安娜。」
Please write your full (= complete) name and address on the form. 請在表格上填寫全名和地址。
What's the name of that mountain in the distance? 遠處那座山叫甚麼名字?
We finally agreed on the name Luca for our son. 最終我們一致同意給兒子取名盧卡。
The students were listed by name and by country of origin. 學生按照姓名和國籍登記入冊。

[ C usually singular ] the opinion or reputation that someone or something has

She went to court to clear her name (= prove that the bad things said about her were not true). 為了澄清名譽,她走上法庭。
Their actions gave British football a bad name in Europe at that time. 他們的行為令當時的英國足球在歐洲背上了惡名。
They're trying to restore the good name of the manufacturer. 他們在努力挽回製造商的聲譽。

[ C ] someone who is famous or has a good reputation

It seemed like all the big names in football were there. 看來好像足球界的大人物都聚集在那裡。
by the name of sth formal


I've got to talk to a professor by the name of Bin Said. 我得和一位叫賓.賽義德的教授談談。
go by the name of sth

to give yourself a name which is not your real name

In the business world he goes by the name of J. Walter Fortune. 在商界他使用 J‧沃爾特.福瓊這個假名。
in the name of sb (also in sb's name)

for someone or belonging to someone

I've come to collect my tickets - I reserved them by phone yesterday in the name of Tremin. 我來取票——昨天我打電話來用特雷曼的名字訂的。
The house is in my wife's name. 這房子歸於我妻子名下。

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