Translation of "right" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun (MORALLY ACCEPTABLE) 合乎道德的 uk us /raɪt/

[ U ] what is considered to be morally good or acceptable

Your conscience should tell you the difference between right and wrong. 憑你的良知應該能夠分清是非。
in the right

If you are in the right, what you are doing is morally or legally correct.


[ C ] the claim which a person or animal has to be treated in a fair, morally acceptable or legal way, or to have the things that are necessary for life

She campaigned for women's rights during the 1960s. 20世紀60年代,她參加了爭取婦女權利的運動。
Everyone has a right to education. 人人都享有受教育的權利。
She has no more right to a company car than I have (= She does not deserve one more than I do). 她並不比我更有權利要求公司配車。
[ + to infinitive ] You're not my boss, so what right (= authority) have you got to criticize me? 你又不是我的老闆,你有甚麽資格批評我?
You have every right (= You have a good reason) to complain. 你完全有理由抱怨。
within your rights

If you are within your rights to do something, you are legally allowed to do it

I think I'm quite within my rights to demand a full refund. 我認為我完全有權利要求全額退款。
rights [ plural ]

the legal authority over who may use a book or film

He has acquired the film rights to the book (= He is allowed to make a film of the book). 他已經取得了將這本書拍成電影的製片權。

new shares for a particular company that have become available for existing shareholders to buy:

The company made a rights issue of one new share for every four held.
put/set sth to rights

to improve or correct something

The company needs over a million dollars to set its finances to rights. 這間公司需要100多萬美元才可以使其財務重回正常軌道。

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