Translation of "stocky" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


adjective uk us /ˈstɒk.i/ US  /ˈstɑː.ki/

describes a person, especially a man, whose body is wide across the shoulders and chest and who is short; thickset

The man was described as short and stocky and very strong. 據描述,那個男人矮個子,結實粗壯。
→ Compare sturdy
stockily uk us /ˈstɒk.ɪ.li/ US  /ˈstɑː.kɪ-/ adverb

a stockily-built man 身材矮壯的男人
stockiness uk us /ˈstɒk.ɪ.nəs/ US  /ˈstɑː.kɪ-/ noun [ U ]

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