Translation of "business" - English-French dictionary


nounbusiness /ˈbɪznɪs/
uncountable =trade; buying and selling goods or services
commerce masculine

the construction business
do business with
faire du commerce / des affaires avec

We do a lot of business with China.
Nous faisons beaucoup de commerce avec la Chine.
in business
dans les affaires

The company has been in business since 1988.
L'entreprise a commencé son activité en 1988.
go out of business
to close a business
fermer , cesser ses activités

They went out of business during the recession.
Ils ont fermé pendant la récession.
countable an organization that buys and sells goods or services
affaire feminine , entreprise feminine

small businesses
des petites entreprises

a dry-cleaning business
une entreprise de nettoyage à sec
uncountable a matter or situation
affaire feminine

the nasty business of firing staff
le sale boulot de virer du personnel
sb's business
a private matter
les affaires feminine plural de qqn

The amount of money I make is my business.
Ce que je gagne, c'est mon affaire.

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noun /ˈbiznis/

occupation; buying and selling

métier; affaire(s)
Selling china is my business
The shop does more business at Christmas than at any other time.

a shop, a firm

He owns his own business.


Make it your business to help him
Let’s get down to business (= Let’s start the work etc that must be done).
businesslike adjective

practical; alert and prompt

sérieux, professionnel
He adopted a businesslike approach to the problem
She is very businesslike.
businessman noun (feminine businesswoman)

a person who makes a living from some form of trade or commerce, not from one of the professions.

homme/femme d’affaires
on business

in the process of doing business or something official.

pour affaires
She often has to travel abroad on business.

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