Translation of "cast" - English-French dictionary


verb /kaːst/ (past tense past participle cast)

to throw

The angler cast his line into the river
These facts cast new light on the matter
She cast him a look of hatred.

to get rid of; to take off

se dépouiller de
Some snakes cast their skins.

to shape (metal etc) by pouring into a mould

Metal is melted before it is cast.

to give a part in a play etc to

donner le rôle de
She was cast as Lady Macbeth.

to select the actors for (a film etc)

faire la distribution
The director is casting (the film) tomorrow.

to give (a vote)

I cast my vote for the younger candidate.
castaway noun

a shipwrecked person.

casting vote

the deciding vote of the chairman of a meeting when the other votes are equally divided.

voix prépondérante
cast iron

unpurified iron melted and shaped in a mould.

cast-iron adjective

made of cast iron

en fonte
a cast-iron frying-pan.

very strong

cast-iron muscles.
cast-off noun, adjective

(a piece of clothing etc) no longer needed

vieilles fringues
cast-off clothes
I don’t want my sister’s cast-offs.
cast off

to untie (the mooring lines of a boat).

larguer (les amarres)

(also cast aside) to reject as unwanted.


in knitting, to finish (the final row of stitches).

cast on

in knitting, to make the first row of stitches.

monter les mailles

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