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nounconvention /kənˈvɛnʃən/
countable-uncountable a custom or accepted way of doing sth
convention feminine , usage masculine

the convention of removing your shoes before entering a home
l'usage d'enlever ses chaussures avant d'entrer dans une maison
countable a large meeting of people who work in the same business or have the same interest
convention feminine , congrès masculine

a bikers convention
une convention de motards

The 2007 Travel Operator's Convention
le congrès 2007 des opérateurs de voyage
countable an official agreement
convention feminine

the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
la Convention des Nations Unies sur les droits de l'enfant

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noun /kənˈvenʃən/

a way of behaving that has become usual; (an) established custom

Shaking hands when meeting people is a normal convention in many countries
He does not care about convention.

in the United States a meeting of delegates from a political party for nominating a presidential candidate.


an assembly of people of a particular profession etc.

conventional adjective

(negative unconventional) according to the accepted standards etc; not outrageous or eccentric

conventional dress
the more conventional forms of art.
conventionality /-ˈnӕ-/ noun

usage(s) admis

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