Translation of "custody" - English-French dictionary


noun uncountable custody [ ˈkʌstədi ]
the legal right to take care of sb or sth
garde feminine

Her ex-husband has custody of the kids.
Son ex-mari a la garde des enfants.
in/into custody
being kept in jail by the police
en détention , en garde-à-vue

He has been in custody for three days.
Il a été placé en garde-à-vue pendant trois jours.

They were taken into custody after the robbery.
Ils ont été mis en détention après le vol.

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noun /ˈkastədi/

care or keeping

The mother was awarded custody of the children by the court.

the care of police or prison authorities

The accused man is in custody.
custodian /-ˈstəu-/ noun

a person who guards or takes care of something

the custodian of an art collection.

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