Translation of "dictate" - English-French dictionary


verb /dikˈteit, (American) ˈdikteit/

to say or read out (something) for someone else to write down

He always dictates his letters (to his secretary).

to state officially or with authority

He dictated the terms of our offer.

to give orders to; to command

faire la loi
I certainly won’t be dictated to by you (= I won’t do as you say).
dictation noun

something read for another to write down

The secretary is taking dictation.
dictator noun

an all-powerful ruler

As soon as he became dictator, he made all political parties illegal and governed the country as he liked.
dictatorship noun

the authority of a dictator

His dictatorship depended on the support of the army.

a state ruled by a dictator

That country is a dictatorship now.

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