Translation of "employ" - English-French dictionary


verb transitiveemploy /ɛmˈplɔɪ/
to pay sb to work for you

The company employs 31 people.
L'entreprise emploie 31 personnes.

We employed him to tutor our son.
Nous l'avons employé pour donner des cours particuliers à notre fils.

He was employed as a gym teacher.
Il était employé comme prof de gym.
formal to use for a particular purpose
employer , utiliser

criminals who had employed dishonest means to make money
des criminels qui emploient des moyens malhonnêtes pour gagner de l'argent

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verb /imˈploi/

to give (especially paid) work to

He employs three typists
She is employed as a teacher.

to occupy the time or attention of

She was busily employed (in) writing letters.

to make use of

You should employ your time better.
employed adjective

having a job; working.

employee /em-/ noun ( employee)

a person employed for wages, a salary etc

That firm has fifty employees.
employer noun

a person who employs others

His employer dismissed him.
employment noun

the act of employing or state of being employed

She was in my employment
The new factory will provide employment for 300 people.

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