Translation of "hair" - English-French dictionary


nounhair /hɛər/
uncountable the mass of thin thread-like strands on humans' heads and some animals
human: cheveux masculine plural , animal: poils masculine plural

She has long black hair.
Elle a de longs cheveux noirs.

dog hair
des poils de chien
countable a single piece of hair
poil masculine

the hairs on your arm
les poils sur votre bras
having red, blond, dark etc. hair
roux/rousse, blond/blonde, brun/brune

a red-haired little girl
une petite fille rousse
let your hair down
to relax and have fun
informal se lâcher

You need to go out and let your hair down.
Tu as besoin de sortir et de te lâcher.
make your hair stand on end
to scare sb badly
vous faire dresser les cheveux sur la tête

a noise that made our hair stand on end
un bruit qui nous a fait dresser les cheveux sur la tête

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noun /heə/

one of the mass of thread-like objects that grow from the skin

He brushed the dog’s hairs off his jacket.

the mass of these, especially on a person’s head

He’s got brown hair.

having (a certain kind of) hair

aux cheveux (…)
a fair-haired girl.
hairy adjective

covered in hair or having a lot of hair

velu, poilu
a hairy chest.
hairiness noun

aspect hirsute
hair’s breadth noun

a very small distance

(d’)un cheveu
That bullet missed him by a hair’s breadth.
hairbrush noun

a brush for arranging and smoothing the hair.

brosse à cheveux
haircut noun

the act or style of cutting a person’s hair

coupe de cheveux
You need a haircut.
hair-do noun (plurals hair-dos, hair-do’s)

a hairstyle

I like her new hair-do.
hairdresser noun

a person who cuts, washes, styles etc a person’s hair.

hairdressing noun
hair drier noun

an electrical apparatus for drying hair by blowing hot air over it.

hairline noun

the line along the forehead where the hair begins to grow.

naissance des cheveux
hair oil noun

a scented, oily lotion for smoothing down the hair.

huile capillaire
hairpin noun

a bent wire for keeping a woman’s hair in place.

épingle à cheveux
hair-raising adjective


à faire se dresser les cheveux sur la tête
hair-raising stories.
hairstyle noun

the result of cutting, styling etc a person’s hair

a simple hairstyle.
keep one’s hair on

to remain calm and not become angry.

ne pas s’énerver
Keep your hair on – there’s no need to panic!
let one’s hair down

to behave in a free and relaxed manner.

se laisser aller
On Fridays she likes to let her hair down and go clubbing.
make (someone’s) hair stand on end

to terrify (a person).

faire dresser les cheveux sur la tête
a horror film which will make your hair stand on end.
(not to) turn a hair

to remain calm

(ne pas) broncher
He put his finger in the flame without turning a hair.
split hairs

to worry about unimportant details.

couper les cheveux en quatre
There’s no need to split hairs – all I want is a very general report.
tear one’s hair

to show great irritation or despair.

s’arracher les cheveux
Ray was tearing his hair out in frustration.

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