Translation of "listen" - English-French dictionary


verb intransitivelisten /ˈlɪsən/
to hear and pay attention to

Please listen carefully.
Veuillez écouter attentivement.

I didn't listen to anything he said.
Je n'ai rien écouté de ce qu'il a dit.

Do you enjoy listening to music?
Est-ce que tu apprécies d'écouter de la musique ?

I lay listening for the sound of the car in the driveway.
J'étais allongé, écoutant le son de la voiture dans l'allée.
to accept sb's advice or opinion

Oh, don't listen to him - he's just kidding.
Oh, ne l'écoute pas, il ne fait que plaisanter.

listen in

verb phrasallisten in [ ˈlɪsən ˈɪn ]
=eavesdrop; to listen while trying not to be noticed
tendre l'oreille

It's impolite to listen in on other people's conversations.
Il est impoli de tendre l'oreille aux conversations des autres.

listen up

verb phrasallisten up [ ˈlɪsən ˈʌp ] spoken
used to get people to listen to you
écouter , prêter attention

Listen up everyone! It's time to start.
Votre attention, tout le monde. Il est temps de commencer.

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verb /ˈlisn/

(often with to) to give attention so as to hear (what someone is saying etc)

I told her three times, but she wasn’t listening
Do listen to the music!

(with to) to follow the advice of

If she’d listened to me, she wouldn’t have got into trouble.
listen in on

to listen intentionally to (a private conversation etc)

écouter qqn secrètement
She listened in on the conversation at the next table.

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