Translation of "marry" - English-French dictionary


verbmarry /ˈmæri/ ( marries, married )
transitive-intransitive to officially become sb's husband or wife
épouser , se marier

She was just 18 when she married him.
Elle avait juste 18 ans quand elle l'a épousé.

I don't think he'll ever marry.
Je ne pense pas qu'il se marie jamais.
transitive to perform the marriage ceremony

It was the family priest who married them.
C'était le prêtre de la famille qui les a mariés.

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verb /ˈmӕri/

to take (a person) as one’s husband or wife

John married my sister
They married in church.

(of a clergyman etc) to perform the ceremony of marriage between (two people)

The priest married them.

to give (a son or daughter) as a husband or wife

He married his son to a rich woman.
married adjective

She has two married daughters.

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