Translation of "plan" - English-French dictionary


noun /plan/

an idea of how to do something; a method of doing something

plan, projet
If everyone follows this plan, we will succeed
I have worked out a plan for making a lot of money.

an intention or arrangement

plan, projet
His plan is to rob a bank and leave the country quickly
What are your plans for tomorrow?

a drawing, diagram etc showing a building, town etc as if seen from above

These are the plans of/for our new house
a street-plan.
planner noun

a person who plans (especially buildings etc)

a town planner.
planning noun

the act of planning

town planning.
go according to plan

to happen as arranged or intended

se dérouler comme prévu
The journey went according to plan.
plan ahead

to plan something a long time before it will happen etc

arranger d’avance
It’s a good idea to plan ahead.

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