Translation of "property" - English-French dictionary


nounproperty /ˈprɒpərti/ ( plural properties )
countable-uncountable land or buildings that sb owns
propriété feminine , bien masculine immobilier

property prices/taxes
prix de l'immobilier / taxes immobilières

We'd like to buy some property on a lake.
Nous aimerions acheter une propriété sur un lac.

He chased the kids off his property.
Il chassa les enfants de la propriété.
uncountable things you own
biens masculine plural

vehicles and other personal property
véhicules et autres biens personnels
countable in science, a feature or quality
propriété feminine

These fluids exhibit properties of both liquid and gas.
Ces fluides présentent des propriétés à la fois de liquide et de gaz.

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noun /ˈpropəti/ (plural properties)

something that a person owns

These books are my property.

land or buildings that a person owns

He has property in Scotland.

a quality (usually of a substance)

Hardness is a property of diamonds.

(usually abbreviated to prop /prop/) a small piece of furniture or an article used by an actor in a play

the props department

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