Translation of "ready" - English-French dictionary


adjectiveready /ˈrɛdi/ ( readier, readiest )
prepared to do sth or for sth to happen

Are you ready yet?
Es-tu prêt ?

I didn't feel ready for the exam.
Je ne me sens pas tout à fait prêt pour l'examen.
get ready
(se) préparer

We're getting ready for the party.
Nous nous préparons pour la soirée.

Who's getting the children ready?
Qui prépare les enfants ?
(not before n) finished and available

Come on everyone - breakfast is ready.
A table tout le monde ; le petit-déjeuner est prêt.

When will the power plant be ready for use?
Quand l'usine électrique sera-t-elle prête à l'emploi ?
get ready
tenir prêt/prête

She was getting the room ready for her guests.
Elle tenait la chambre prête pour les invités.
ready to
very close to doing
près de

He looked like he was ready to cry.
On aurait dit qu'il était près de pleurer.
ready for
wanting or needing
qui a besoin de

I was tired and ready for a vacation.
J'étais fatigué et j'avais besoin de vacances.
happy or willing to
prêt/prête à

I'm always ready to help my students.
Je suis toujours prêt à aider mes étudiants.
easy to access

a study using a ready supply of college students
une étude faisant appel à une communauté accessible d'étudiants

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adjective /ˈredi/

(negative unready) prepared; able to be used etc immediately or when needed; able to do (something) immediately or when necessary

prêt (à)
I’ve packed our cases, so we’re ready to leave
Is tea ready yet?
Your coat has been cleaned and is ready (to be collected).

(negative unready) willing

prêt (à)
I’m always ready to help.


You’re too ready to find faults in other people
He always has a ready answer.

likely, about (to do something)

prêt à, sur le point de
My head feels as if it’s ready to burst.
readiness noun

readily adverb


I’d readily help you.

without difficulty

I can readily answer all your questions.
ready cash

ready money

argent liquide
We’re running short of ready cash.
ready-made adjective

(especially of clothes) made in standard sizes, and for sale to anyone who wishes to buy, rather than being made for one particular person

tout fait
a ready-made suit.
ready money

coins and banknotes

I want to be paid in ready money, not by cheque.
ready-to-wear adjective

(of clothes) ready-made

prêt à porter
a ready-to-wear suit.
in readiness


I want everything in readiness for his arrival.

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