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adjective /rait/

on or related to the side of the body which in most people has the more skilful hand, or to the side of a person or thing which is toward the east when that person or thing is facing north (opposite to left)

When I’m writing, I hold my pen in my right hand.


Put that book back in the right place
Is that the right answer to the question?

morally correct; good

It’s not right to let thieves keep what they have stolen.

suitable; appropriate

He’s not the right man for this job
When would be the right time to ask him?
righteous /ˈraitʃəs/ adjective

(of anger etc) justifiable

righteous indignation.

living a good moral life

a righteous man.

good; morally right

a righteous action.
righteously adverb

righteousness noun

rightful adjective

proper; correct; that ought to be or has a right to be something

He is the rightful king of this country.
rightfully adverb

It rightfully belongs to me, although she has it at the moment.
rightly adverb

justly, justifiably; it is right, good or just that (something is the case)

à raison, à juste titre
He was punished for his stupidity and rightly: Rightly or wrongly she refused to speak to him.

correctly; accurately

avec raison
They rightly assumed that he would refuse to help.
rightness noun

the state of being good or morally correct

They believe in the rightness of their cause.
righto /raitˈou/ interjection ( right-oh)


Right-oh! I’ll come now.
rights noun plural

the legal right given in return for a sum of money to produce eg a film from a book

He has sold the film rights of his new book to an American company.
right angle

an angle of ninety degrees, like any of the four angles in a square.

angle droit
right-angled adjective

having a right angle

à angle droit
a right-angled triangle.
right-hand adjective

at the right; to the right of something else

de droite
the top right-hand drawer of my desk.

towards the right

à/vers la droite
a right-hand bend in the road.
right-handed adjective

(of people) using the right hand more easily than the left, eg for writing

The majority of people are right-handed.
right wing

the members of a political party who hold more traditional opinions

aile droite
He’s on the right wing of the Labour Party.
right-winger noun

homme, femme de droite
by right(s)


en toute justice
By rights, I ought to be in charge of this department.
get/keep on the right side of

to make (someone) feel, or continue to feel, friendly or kind towards oneself

s’insinuer/rester dans les bonnes grâces de
If you want a pay rise, you’d better get on the right side of the boss.
get right

to understand, do, say etc (something) correctly

comprendre, dire qqch. correctement
Did I get the answer right?
go right

to happen as expected, wanted or intended; to be successful or without problems

aller bien (pour)
Nothing ever goes right for him.
not in one’s right mind ( not (quite) right in the head)

(slightly) mad

ne pas avoir toute sa raison
He can’t be in his right mind – making incredible suggestions like that!
put right

to repair; to remove faults etc in (something)

arranger, réparer
There is something wrong with this kettle – can you put it right?

to put an end to or change (something that is wrong)

You’ve made a mistake in that sum – you’d better put it right.

to put (a watch, clock etc) to the correct time.

remettre à l’heure

to correct (someone who has made a mistake)

I thought the meeting was at 2.30, but he put me right.

to make healthy again

That medicine will soon put you right.
put/set to rights

to put back into the correct order, state etc

mettre en ordre
The room was in a dreadful mess, and it took us the whole day to set it to rights.
right away

immediately; at once

tout de suite
I’ll do it right away.
right-hand man

a person’s most trusted and useful assistant.

bras droit (de qqn)
right now


right of way

the right of the public to use a path that goes across private property.

droit de passage

(ˌright-of-ˈway – plural rights-of-way) a road or path over private land, along which the public have a right to walk.

droit de passage

the right of one car etc to move first eg when crossing a cross-roads, or going round a roundabout

It was your fault that our cars crashed – I had right of way.
serve right

to be the punishment deserved by

c’est bien fait (pour qqn)
If you fall and hurt yourself, it’ll serve you right for climbing up there when I told you not to.

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