Translation of "sell" - English-French dictionary


verbsell /sɛl/ ( pt pp sold )
transitive to give sth in return for a payment

He sells second-hand books.
Il vend des livres d'occasion.

I sold my motorcycle to a friend.
J'ai vendu ma moto à un ami.

Do you think he'd sell me his ticket?
Penses-tu qu'il me vendrait son billet ?

a company that sells kitchen goods
une entreprise qui vend des ustensiles de cuisine
intransitive (of a product) to be bought by people
se vendre

The new model is selling well.
Le nouveau modèle se vend bien.
transitive to persuade sb that sth is a good idea
se vendre

It's a plan that's so good it'll sell itself.
C'est un projet qui est tellement bon qu'il se vend lui-même.

sell off

verb phrasalsell off /ˈsɛl ˈɔf, ˈɒf/
to sell sth for a low price so that sb buys it quickly

They're selling off all their old stock.
Ils liquident tout leur ancien stock.

sell out

verb phrasalsell out /ˈsɛl ˈaʊt/
to sell all of a product
tout vendre

We sold out before lunchtime.
Nous avons tout vendu avant le déjeuner.

Tickets for the show are sold out already.
Tous les billets pour le spectacle ont déjà été vendus.
to do sth that goes against your principles
se vendre

a conservative leader who sold out to the opposition
un leader conservateur qui s'est vendu à l'opposition

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verb /sel/ (past tense, past participle sold /sould/)

to give something in exchange for money

He sold her a car
I’ve got some books to sell.

to have for sale

The farmer sells milk and eggs.

to be sold

se vendre
His book sold well.

to cause to be sold

faire vendre
Packaging sells a product.
sell-out noun

an event, especially a concert, for which all the tickets are sold

(concert, etc.) à guichets fermés
His concert was a sell-out.

a betrayal

The gang realized it was a sell-out and tried to escape.
be sold on

to be enthusiastic about

être emballé (par)
I’m sold on the idea of a holiday in Canada.
be sold out

to be no longer available

épuisé; à guichets fermés
The concert is sold out.

to have no more available to be bought

être en rupture de stock
We are sold out of children’s socks.
sell down the river

to betray

The gang was sold down the river by one of its associates.
sell off

to sell quickly and cheaply

They’re selling off their old stock.
sell out

(sometimes with of) to sell all of something

We sold out our entire stock.

to be all sold

être épuisé
The laptops sold out within minutes of the sale starting.
sell up

to sell a house, business etc

He has sold up his share of the business.

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