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verbweave /wiv/ ( pt wove pp woven )
transitive to make cloth from fibers by crossing them over and under each other

the factory where the cloth is woven
l'usine où l'étoffe est tissée
transitive to make a basket or other container by weaving material together

to weave a basket
tresser un panier
intransitive ( pt pp weaved ) to move by turning sharply one way and then another

The car weaved in and out of traffic.
La voiture se faufilait dans la circulation.

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verb /wiːv/ (past tense wove /wouv/, past participle woven /ˈwouvən/)

to make by crossing strands in a pattern

A machine was invented that could weave cloth.

to tell (an interesting story).


(past tense, past participle weaved) to move backwards and forwards or from side to side

(se) faufiler
The cyclist weaved in and out of the traffic.
weaver noun


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