Translation of "fault" - English-German dictionary


noun /foːlt/

a mistake; something for which one is to blame

die Schuld
The accident was your fault.

an imperfection; something wrong

der Fehler
There is a fault in this machine
a fault in his character.

a crack in the rock surface of the earth

die Verwerfung
faults in the earth’s crust.
faultless adjective

without fault; perfect

a faultless performance.
faultlessly adverb

faulty adjective

(usually of something mechanical) not made or working correctly.

a faulty light switch.
at fault

wrong or to blame

She was at fault.
find fault with

to criticize or complain of

etwas auszusetzen finden an
She is always finding fault with her husband.
to a fault

to too great an extent

allzu sehr
She was generous to a fault.

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