Translation of "line" - English-German dictionary


noun /lain/

(a piece of) thread, cord, rope etc

die Leine
She hung the washing on the line
a fishing-rod and line.

a long, narrow mark, streak or stripe

die Linie
She drew straight lines across the page
a dotted/wavy line.

outline or shape especially relating to length or direction

die Konturen (pl.)
The ship had very graceful lines
A dancer uses a mirror to improve his line.

a groove on the skin; a wrinkle

die Falte
Deep lines were etched across his forehead.

a row or group of objects or persons arranged side by side or one behind the other

die Reihe
The children stood in a line
a line of trees.

a short letter

einige Zeilen
I’ll drop him a line.

a series or group of persons which come one after the other especially in the same family

die Abstammungslinie
a line of kings.

a track or direction

die Richtung
He pointed out the line of the new road
a new line of research.

the railway or a single track of the railway

die Eisenbahnlinie, das Gleis
Passengers must cross the line by the bridge only.

a continuous system (especially of pipes, electrical or telephone cables etc) connecting one place with another

die Leitung
a line of communication
All (telephone) lines are engaged.

a row of written or printed words

die Zeile
The letter contained only three lines
a poem of sixteen lines.

a regular service of ships, aircraft etc

die Linie
a shipping line.

a group or class (of goods for sale) or a field of activity, interest etc

das Tätigkeitsfeld
This has been a very popular new line
Computers are not really my line.

an arrangement of troops, especially when ready to fight

die Linie
He was sent to fight on the front line.
lineage /ˈliniidʒ/ noun


das Geschlecht
a lady of noble lineage.
linear /ˈliniə/ adjective

of, consisting of or like a line or lines.

lined adjective

having lines

liniert, faltig
lined paper
a lined face.
liner noun

a ship or aircraft of a regular line or company

das Passagierschiff
an ocean liner
They sailed to America in a large liner.
lines noun plural

the words an actor has to say

der Text
He had difficulty remembering his lines.
linesman /ˈlainz-/ noun

in sport, a judge or umpire at a boundary line

der Linienrichter
The linesman signalled that the ball had crossed the line.
hard lines!

bad luck!

in line for

likely to get or to be given something

Aussichten haben auf
He is in line for promotion.
in/out of line with

in or out of agreement with

in richtiger/falscher Perspektive
His views are out of line with those of his colleagues.
line up

to form a line

(sich) in einer Reihe aufstellen
The children lined up ready to leave the classroom
She lined up the chairs.

to collect and arrange in readiness

We’ve lined up several interesting guests to appear on the programme (noun line-up).
read between the lines

to understand something (from a piece of writing etc) which is not actually stated

zwischen den Zeilen lesen
If you read between the lines of the statement, it implies that there will be job cuts.

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