Translation of "foot" - English-Japanese dictionary


noun uk /fʊt/

A1 (plural feet /fiːt/) one of the two flat parts on the ends of your legs that you stand on

on foot

A2 walking

I usually go to school on foot.

B1 (plural foot, feet) (written abbreviation ft) a unit for measuring length, equal to 0.3048 metres or 12 inches

Alex is about six feet tall.

(plural foot, feet) (written abbreviation ft.) a unit for measuring length, equal to 12 inches

Alex is about six feet tall.
at the foot of something

the bottom of something

(山の)ふもと, (物の)底
He was standing at the foot of the stairs.
get/rise to your feet

to stand up after you have been sitting

get cold feet

to suddenly become too frightened to do what you had planned to do, especially something important

I tried to ask her out, but I got cold feet.
put your foot in it

to say something silly or embarrassing, without intending to

have one foot in the grave

to be very old and near death

have your feet on the ground

to be very practical and see things as they really are


(Translation of “foot” from the Cambridge English–Japanese Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)