Translation of "dead" - English-Korean dictionary


adjective uk /ded/ us /ded/

A2 not now alive

She’s been dead for 20 years now.
There were two firefighters among the dead.

If a piece of equipment is dead, it is not working.

다 닳은
a dead battery
The phone suddenly went dead.

informal If a place is dead, it is too quiet and nothing interesting is happening there.

활기가 없는 (장소)
wouldn’t be caught/seen dead

If someone wouldn’t be caught dead in a place or doing something, they would never go there or do it, usually because it would be too embarrassing.

-한 모습을 절대 보이고 싶지 않아 할 것이다
I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a bikini.
drop dead

to die very suddenly

as dead as a doornail

clearly and obviously dead

분명히 죽은
over my dead body!

If you say something will happen over your dead body, you mean that you will do everything you can to prevent it.

내 눈에 흙이 들어가기 전에는 안될 일이다
‘Joe says he’s going to buy a motorbike.’ ‘Over my dead body!’

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