Translation of "break" - English-Polish dictionary


verb uk /breɪk/ us past tense broke, past participle broken

A2 to separate into two or more pieces, or to make something separate into two or more pieces

złamać (się), stłuc (się)
The vase fell on the floor and broke.
They had to break a window to get in.
break your arm/leg, etc

A2 to damage a bone in your arm/leg, etc

złamać rękę /nogę itp.
Carolyn broke her leg in a skiing accident.
She fell off her bike and broke her arm.

A2 If you break a machine, object, etc, or if it breaks, it stops working because it is damaged.

zepsuć (się)
Who broke the video?
break an agreement/promise/rule, etc

B2 to not do what you should do according to an agreement/promise/rule, etc

złamać umowę /słowo/zasadę itp.
Police stopped him for breaking the speed limit.
break the law

B2 to do something illegal

naruszyć prawo
break the news to sb

to tell someone about something unpleasant that has happened

powiedzieć komuś , zawiadomić kogoś
break the silence

B2 to make a noise, speak, etc and end a period of silence

przerywać ciszę
The silence was broken by a sudden knock at the door.
break a habit/routine, etc

to stop doing something that you usually do

zmienić zwyczaj
break a record

B2 to do something faster, better, etc than anyone else

pobić rekord
He broke the world record for the 200m.
REST [ I, T ]

B1 to stop the activity you are doing to have a short rest

odpoczywać, przerywać
Let's break for five minutes and have a drink.

If news or a story breaks, or if someone breaks it, it becomes known by the public for the first time.

wychodzić na jaw, ujawniać

If the weather breaks, it changes suddenly, and usually becomes worse.

załamać się

When a boy's voice breaks, it becomes deeper and sounds like a man's voice.

≈ przechodzić mutację
WAVE [ I ]

When a wave breaks, it reaches its highest point as it moves towards the land, and then becomes flat and white.

załamywać się

If a storm breaks, it starts suddenly.

rozpętać się
break free/loose

to suddenly escape or become separate from something

uwolnić się
dawn/day breaks

When dawn (= early morning)/day breaks, the sky becomes lighter because the sun is rising.

świta → See also break new ground , break sb's heart , break the ice , break the mould , break ranks

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