Translation of "dead" - English-Polish dictionary


adjective uk us /ded/

A2 not now alive

martwy, nieżywy
She's been dead for 20 years now.
He was shot dead by a masked intruder.
There were three children among the dead.

B2 If a piece of equipment is dead, it is not working.

a dead battery
The phone suddenly went dead.
QUIET informal

C2 If a place is dead, it is too quiet and nothing interesting is happening there.

jak wymarły
COMPLETE [ always before noun ]

C2 complete

We waited in dead silence as the votes were counted.
BODY mainly UK

If part of your body is dead, you cannot feel it.

My arm's gone dead.
wouldn't be caught/seen dead informal

If someone wouldn't be caught dead in a place or doing something, they would never go there or do it, usually because it would be too embarrassing.

za nic nie, za żadne skarby świata nie
[ + doing sth ] I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a bikini.
drop dead informal

C2 to die very suddenly

paść trupem

(Translation of “dead adjective” from the Cambridge English–Polish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)