Translation of "faint" - English-Polish dictionary


adjective uk /feɪnt/ us

B2 slight and not easy to notice, smell, hear, etc

lekki, słaby
a faint smell of smoke
Faint laughter was coming from next door.
feel faint

to feel very weak and as if you might fall down

czuć się słabo, ≈ komuś zrobiło się słabo
Seeing all the blood made me feel faint.
faint hope/praise/chance, etc

very little hope, praise, chance, etc

nikła nadzieja/słaba pochwała/nikła szansa itp.
a faint hope of winning the gold medal
not have the faintest idea

used to emphasize that you do not know something

nie mieć zielonego pojęcia
[ + question word ] I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about.

(Translation of “faint adjective” from the Cambridge English–Polish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)