Translation of "let" - English-Polish dictionary


verb [ T ] uk /let/ us present participle letting, past tense and past participle let

B1 to allow someone to do something, or to allow something to happen

Let them play outside.
Don't let the camera get wet.
We let a whole year go by before we tried again.
let sb/sth in/past/through, etc

B2 to allow someone or something to move to a particular place

wpuszczać/przepuszczać itp. kogoś/coś
They won't let us past the gate.
I won't let him near my children.
The roof lets in a lot of rain.

A2 something that you say when you are making a suggestion

zróbmy coś
Let's eat out tonight.
let me/us

something that you say when you are offering to help someone

pozwól , że ...
Let me carry your cases.

If you let a building or part of a building, you allow someone to live there and they give you money.

I let the top floor of my house to a student.
Let's see/Let me see

something that you say when you are trying to remember something or calculate something

zaraz, zaraz, zobaczmy
Let's see - there are five people and only three beds.
It must have been - let me see - three years ago.
Let's say

something that you say when you are suggesting a possible situation or action

powiedzmy , że ...
Let's say we'll meet back here in an hour.
let sb know (sth)

A2 to tell someone something

dać komuś znać (o czymś )
[ + question word ] I'll let you know when we've fixed a date for the meeting.
let (sth) go

to stop holding something

puszczać ( coś )
I let go of the rope.
let yourself go

to allow yourself to become less attractive or healthy

zaniedbać się

to relax completely and enjoy yourself

rozluźnić się, poszaleć sobie
It's a party - let yourself go!
let's face it

something that you say when the truth is unpleasant but must be accepted

spójrzmy prawdzie w oczy
Let's face it, we're not getting any younger.

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