Translation of "place" - English-Russian dictionary


noun uk /pleɪs/ us

A1 a position, building, town, area, etc

His leg's broken in two places.
Edinburgh would be a nice place to live.
What a stupid place to park.
take place

B1 to happen

The meeting will take place next week.
in place

in the correct position

на месте
The chairs are all in place.

If a rule, system, etc is in place, it has started to exist.

действующий (о законе и т. д.)
There are now laws in place to prevent this from happening.
out of place

not in the correct position

не на месте
Why are my files all out of place?

not right or suitable for a particular situation

Everyone else was wearing jeans and I felt completely out of place in my office clothes.
all over the place

B2 in or to many different places

There was blood all over the place.
in place of sth

B2 instead of something

вместо чего-либо
Try adding fruit to your breakfast cereal in place of sugar.
HOME [ C ] informal

A2 someone's home

дом, жилище
They've just bought a place in Spain.

B1 an opportunity to take part in something

место, возможность
She's got a place at Liverpool University to do Spanish.
in first/second/third, etc place

B1 If you are in first/second, etc place in a race or competition, that is your position.

на первом/втором/третьем и т. д. месте
He finished in fifth place.

(Translation of “place noun” from the Cambridge English–Russian Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)