Translation of "thing" - English-Russian dictionary


noun uk /θɪŋ/ us

A1 used to refer to an object without saying its name

вещь, штука
How do I switch this thing off?
I need to get a few things in town.

B2 used to refer to a person or animal when you are expressing your feelings towards them

человек, создание
You look tired, you poor thing.
IDEA [ C ]

A2 used to refer to an idea, event, or activity

вещь, штука, событие
I can't believe Nick would say such a thing!
Meeting Nina was the best thing that's ever happened to me.
for one thing

used to give a reason for something

во-первых, потому что
You can't give Amy that shirt - for one thing it's too small for her.
the thing is informal

B2 used to introduce a problem that relates to something that you have just said

дело в том, что …
I'd love to go out tonight, but the thing is, I've got to finish my report.
a thing

B1 used instead of 'anything' in order to emphasize what you are saying

ничего (в отриц. предложении)
I haven't got a thing to wear!
have a thing about sth/sb informal

to like or dislike something or someone very much

питать слабость /неприязнь к чему-либо/кому-либо
He's got a thing about blonde women.
it's a good thing informal

B2 If it is a good thing that something happened, it is lucky that it happened.

к счастью
[ + (that) ] It's a good thing that Jo was there to help you.
first/last thing informal

at the beginning/end of the day

первым делом утром/напоследок перед сном
I'll phone him first thing and tell him I can't come.
She likes a glass of milk last thing at night.
be sb's thing informal

If an activity or subject is someone's thing, they are very interested in it and like doing it.

быть интересным для кого-либо
Jogging's just not my thing - I prefer team sports.

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