Translation of "absent" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /ˈæb·sənt/ /ˈæb·sənt/

B1 not in a place, especially school or work

He has been absent from school all week.

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adjective /ˈӕbsənt/

not present

Johnny was absent from school with a cold.
absence noun

the condition of not being present

His absence from the training session was noticed by the boss.

a time during which a person etc is not present

After an absence of five years, he returned to his home town.

a lack of something

In the absence of government support, the charity has to rely entirely on donations from the public.
absentee noun

a person who is not present, especially frequently (eg at work, school etc)

There were several absentees from the team due to injuries.
absenteeism noun

being often absent from work etc without good reason

Absenteeism is a problem in some industries.
absently adverb

in a way that shows you are not thinking about, interested in, or looking at what is happening

She stared absently at the wall.
absentee landlord noun

a person who rents a property to someone else, but does not live in it and does not visit it very often.

Propietario Absentista
absent-minded adjective

not noticing what is going on around one because one is thinking deeply; forgetful

distraído, despistado
He is very absent-minded and is always forgetting where he has put things.
absent-mindedly adverb

She absent-mindedly left her gloves at the restaurant.
absent-mindedness noun

distracción, despiste
His absent-mindedness increased as he got older.

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