Translation of "ask" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /ɑːsk/ us /æsk/

A1 to say something to someone as a question

I asked him about his hobbies.
I asked why the plane was so late.

A2 to invite someone to do something

She asked him to lunch.
ask someone to do something

B1 to say something to someone because you want them to do something

pedir a alguien que haga algo
They asked me to feed their cat while they were away.

B1 to say something to someone because you want to know if you can do something

I asked if I could go.
Ask your dad if you can come.

(Translation of “ask” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


verb /aːsk/

to put a question

He asked me what the time was
Ask the price of that scarf
Ask her where to go
Ask him about it
If you don’t know, ask.

to express a wish to someone for something

pedir; preguntar por
I asked her to help me
I asked (him) for a day off
He rang and asked for you
Can I ask a favour of you?

to invite

He asked her to his house for lunch.
ask after phrasal verb

to make inquiries about the health etc of

preguntar por, interesarse por
She asked after his father.
ask for phrasal verb

to express a wish to see or speak to (someone)

preguntar por, reclamar
When he telephoned he asked for you
He is very ill and keeps asking for his daughter.

to behave as if inviting (something unpleasant)

buscar, buscársela
Going for a swim when you have a cold is just as asking for trouble.
for the asking

you may have (something) simply by asking for it

con sólo pedirlo
The job is hers for the asking.

(Translation of “ask” from the PASSWORD English-Spanish Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)