Translation of "bolt" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /bəʊlt/ us /boʊlt/

a metal bar that you push across a door or window to lock it


a piece of metal that is used to attach things together by going through a nut (= a piece of metal with a hole in it)

tornillo, perno
verb uk /bəʊlt/ us /boʊlt/

to lock a door or window with a bolt

echar el cerrojo de
I bolted the door before going to bed.

to suddenly run away

irse corriendo
The cat bolted when it saw the dog.

(Translation of “bolt” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


noun /boult/

a bar to fasten a door etc

We have a bolt as well as a lock on the door.

a round bar of metal, often with a screw thread for a nut

nuts and bolts.

a flash of lightning.

He was struck by a lightning bolt.

a roll (of cloth)

a bolt of silk.
bolt(-)upright adverb

absolutely upright

erecto, vertical
She sat bolt upright in the chair, with her back very straight.
a bolt from the blue noun

a sudden, unexpected happening

golpe/suceso inesperado
His resignation was a bolt from the blue.

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