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verb uk /kəmˈpəʊz/ us /kəmˈpoʊz/ present participle composing, past tense and past participle composed
be composed of something

If something is composed of other things, it has those things in it

estar compuesto por algo
The committee is composed of three men and six women.

to write a piece of music, a poem, etc.


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verb /kəmˈpəuz/

to form by putting parts together

The word ’cat’ is composed of three letters.

to write (eg music, poetry etc)

Mozart began to compose when he was six years old.

to control (oneself) after being upset

calmarse, serenarse
She took a moment to compose herself before beginning her speech.
composed adjective

(of people) quiet and calm

sereno, tranquilo
She looked quite composed.
composer noun

a writer, especially of a piece of music

a classical composer.
composition /kompəˈziʃən/ noun

something composed, eg music

His latest composition is a piano concerto.

the act of composing

the technical difficulties of composition.

an essay written as a school exercise

The children had to write a composition about their holiday.

the parts of which a thing is made

Have you studied the composition of the chemical?
composure /-ʒə/ noun


calma, compostura
I admired her composure while under pressure.

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