Translation of "convenient" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /kənˈviː·ni·ənt/ us /kənˈvin·jənt/

B1 easy and helpful

conveniente, práctico
When would be a convenient time to meet?

B1 near or easy to get to

bien situado
The new supermarket is very convenient for me.
conveniently adverb /kənˈviː·ni·ənt·li/ /kənˈvin·jənt·li/


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adjective /kənˈviːnjənt/

suitable; not causing trouble or difficulty

conveniente, cómodo; adecuado, oportuno (hora)
When would it be convenient for me to come?

easy to use, run etc

conveniente, cómodo, práctico
a convenient size of house.

easy to reach etc; accessible

adecuado; bien situado, accesible
Keep this in a convenient place.
conveniently adverb

convenientemente, adecuadamente, cómodamente
The hotel is conveniently situated next to the beach.
convenience noun

the state or quality of being convenient; freedom from trouble or difficulty

comodidad, conveniencia, ventaja
She really appreciates the convenience of living near the office.

any means of giving ease or comfort

the conveniences of modern life.

(also public convenience) (British, formal) a public lavatory.

aseos públicos

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