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noun uk /ˈkʌn·tri/ us /ˈkʌn·tri/

A1 plural countries an area of land that has its own government, army, etc.

European countries

A2 [ no plural ] land that is not in towns or cities

It’s nice to get out into the country on weekends.
This whole area is bear country (= where many bears live).

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noun /ˈkantri/ (plural countries)

any of the nations of the world; the land occupied by a nation

Canada is a larger country than Spain.

the people of a country

país, nación
The country will elect a new president tomorrow.

(usually with the) districts where there are fields, moors etc as opposed to towns and areas with many buildings

a quiet holiday in the country
(also adjective) country districts.

an area or stretch of land

hilly country.
country dance noun

(British) a (style of) dance in which partners are arranged in parallel lines

contradanza (baile regional)
countryman noun (feminine countrywoman, plural countrymen, countrywomen)

a person born in the same country as another

Churchill and Chamberlain were fellow countrymen.
country music noun

a type of popular American music that involves singing accompanied by instruments such as the banjo, guitar, and violin

Musica Country
Are you a fan of country music?
countryside noun

country areas

campo, zona rural
the English countryside.

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