Translation of "front" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /frʌnt/ us /frʌnt/
the front

A2 the side of something that faces forward

la parte delantera
Write the address on the front of the envelope.
the front

A2 the part of something that is furthest forward

He was standing right at the front.
in front of something

A2 close to the front part of something

delante de algo
He parked the car in front of the house.
in front

B1 further forward than someone or something else

He was sitting in front of me.
adjective uk /frʌnt/ us /frʌnt/

B1 in or at the front of something

the front garden

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noun /frant/

the part of anything (intended to be) nearest the person who sees it; usually the most important part of anything

parte delantera, primera
the garden at the front of the house
the houses in the front of the picture
(also adjective) the front page.

the foremost part of anything in the direction in which it moves

parte delantera
the front of the ship
(also adjective) the front seat of the bus.

the part of a city or town that faces the sea

paseo marítimo
We walked along the (sea) front.

(in war) the line of soliers nearest the enemy

They are sending more soldiers to the front.

a boundary separating two masses of air of different temperatures

A cold front is approaching from the Atlantic.

an outward appearance

He put on a brave front.

a name sometimes given to a political movement

the Popular Front for Liberation.
frontage /-tidʒ/ noun

the front part of a building etc.

frontal adjective

from the front

a frontal attack.
at the front of

(standing etc) in the front part of something

at the front of the house
They stood at the front of the crowd.
in front (of)

(placed, standing, moving etc) outside something on its front or forward-facing side

delante de
There is a garden in front (of the house).

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