Translation of "fuzz" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun [ no plural ] uk /fʌz/ us /fʌz/

informal a covering of short thin soft hairs, or a mass of tightly curled and often untidy hair

pelusa, pelo crespo
He’s got that bit of adolescent fuzz on his upper lip.
I must buy a razor today and get rid of the fuzz on my legs!

UK and US old-fashioned slang or Australian English informal the police

la policía
Watch out! It’s the fuzz.

(Translation of “fuzz” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


noun /faz/

a mass of soft, light material such as fine light hair etc

vello, pelusa
The peaches were covered with fuzz.
fuzzy adjective (comparative fuzzier, superlative fuzziest)

covered with fuzz

velloso, con pelusilla; rizado, crespo
fuzzy material.

indistinct; blurred; not clear

borroso, impreciso; confuso
The television picture was fuzzy.
fuzzily adverb

borrosamente, confusamente, sin precisión
fuzziness noun

imprecisión; confusión

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