Translation of "glass" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ɡlɑːs/ us /ɡlæs/

A1 [ no plural ] a hard, clear substance that objects such as windows and bottles are made of

broken glass
glass jars

A1 a container made of glass that is used for drinking

copa, vaso
Would you like a glass of water?
glasses [ plural ]

A1 a piece of equipment with two transparent parts that you wear in front of your eyes to help you see better

a pair of glasses
She was wearing glasses.

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noun /ɡlaːs/

a hard usually breakable transparent substance

The bottle is made of glass
(also adjective) a glass bottle.

a usually tall hollow object made of glass, used for drinking

vaso, copa
There are six glasses on the tray

(also looking-glass) a mirror.


a barometer, or the atmospheric pressure shown by one

The glass is falling.
glasses noun plural


She’s wearing a pair of glasses.
glassful noun

the amount that a drinking glass will hold

Pour in two glassfuls of water.
glassy adjective (comparative glassier, superlative glassiest)

not showing any expression

a glassy stare.

like glass

vítreo, cristalino
a glassy sea.
glassiness noun

vidriosidad, aspecto cristalino
The glassiness of her stare made him feel uneasy.
glasshouse noun

(British) a large greenhouse

glassware noun

objects made of glass.

cristalería, objetos de cristal
glasses, meaning spectacles, is plural: His reading glasses are broken.but a pair of glasses takes a singular verb: A pair of glasses has been found.

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