Translation of "globe" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ɡləʊb/ us /ɡloʊb/
the globe

the world

el mundo
This event was watched by 200 million people around the globe.

a model of the world shaped like a ball with a map of all the countries on it

globo terráqueo

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noun /ɡləub/

(usually with the) the Earth

I’ve travelled to all parts of the globe.

a ball with a map of the Earth on it.

globo terráqueo

an object shaped like a globe

globo, esfera
The chemicals were crushed in a large metal globe.
global adjective

affecting the whole world

global, universal, mundial
Pollution is a global problem
India, the largest banana producing country in the world, is vying for a bigger share of the global market.
globalize verb ( also globalise (British))

(especially of a business) to operate or spread all over the world

The company was founded 127 years ago and then globalized its business over the years.
globalization noun ( also globalisation (British))

the globalization of commerce.
global village noun

the world thought of as a small place, because modern communication allow fast and efficient contact even to its remote parts.

aldea global
global warming noun

a gradual increase in the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere, widely believed to be caused by the greenhouse effect

calentamiento global
the effects of global warming.
globally adverb

globular /ˈɡlobjulə/ adjective

shaped like a globe.

globule /ˈɡlobjuːl/ noun

a small drop of a liquid or sticky substance

Globules of sweat were running down his face.
globetrotter noun

a person who goes sight-seeing all over the world.

globetrotting noun

viajar alrededor del mundo

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