Translation of "hash" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /hæʃ/ us

[ no plural ] a mixture of meat, potatoes, and vegetables cut into small pieces and baked or fried

plato de carne y verduras picadas
corned beef hash
US eggs and hash

[ no plural ] informal for hashish informal a drug, illegal in many countries, made from the cannabis plant and usually smoked


the symbol # on a phone or computer keyboard

Please press the hash key to continue.

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noun /hæʃ/

(British ) (also hash sign) the symbol # that is found on keyboards and telephones; pound sign (American)


a dish made from small pieces of cooked meat and potatoes.

guiso, estofado

(informal ) hashish

make a hash of something

(informal ) to do something badly; bungle, mess up

hacer un desastre con
I really hashed up my presentation.

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