Translation of "knit" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /nɪt/ us /nɪt/ present participle knitting, past tense and past participle knitted

B1 to make clothes using thick thread and two long needles to join the thread together

tejer, hacer punto
She was knitting him a jumper.
knitting noun [ no plural ] /ˈnɪt·ɪŋ/ /ˈnɪt̬·ɪŋ/


labor de punto
She sat doing her knitting.

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verb /nit/ (past tense, past participle knitted)

to form (a garment) from yarn (of wool etc) by making and connecting loops, using knitting-needles

tejer, hacer punto, tricotar
She is teaching children to knit and sew
She knitted him a sweater for Christmas.

(of broken bones) to grow together

The bone in his arm took a long time to knit.
knitter noun

persona que hace punto
She’s a very good knitter.
knitting noun

the work of a knitter

labor de punto
She was occupied with her knitting.

the material made by knitting

prenda de punto
a piece of knitting.
knitting needle noun

a thin rod of steel or plastic etc, used in knitting.

aguja de tejer, aguja de hacer punto
knit one’s brows

to frown

fruncir el ceño
Then, knitting her brows slightly, she gave an angry reply to his question.

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