Translation of "moment" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ˈməʊ·mənt/ us /ˈmoʊ·mənt/

A2 a very short period of time

I’ll be back in a moment.
For a moment, I thought it was Anna.
Could you wait a moment?

B1 a point in time

Just at that moment, the phone rang.
at the moment

A2 now

en estos momentos
She’s not here at the moment.
for the moment

If you do something for the moment, you are doing it now, but might do something different in the future.

por ahora
Let’s continue with what we agreed for the moment.

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noun /ˈməumənt/

a very short space of time

momento, instante
I’ll be ready in a moment
after a few moments’ silence.

a particular point in time

momento, instante
At that moment, the telephone rang.
momentary adjective

lasting for only a moment

a momentary feeling of fear.
momentarily /(American) moumənˈte-/ adverb

He hesitated momentarily before knocking on the door.
momentous /-ˈmen-/ adjective

of great importance

a momentous event.
momentously adverb

de importancia
at the moment

at this particular time; now

de momento, por ahora
She’s rather busy at the moment.
the moment (that)

exactly when

en cuanto
I want to see him the moment he arrives.

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