Translation of "offend" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /əˈfend/ us /əˈfend/

to make someone upset or angry

I was deeply offended by her comments.

(Translation of “offend” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


verb /əˈfend/

to make feel upset or angry

If you don’t go to her party she will be offended
His criticism offended her.

to be unpleasant or disagreeable

Cigarette smoke offends me.
offence noun ( offense)

a crime

delito, infracción
The police charged him with several offences/offenses.

(any cause of) anger, displeasure, hurt feelings etc

ofensa, atentado
That rubbish dump is an offence/offense to the eye.
offender noun

a person who offends, especially against the law

delincuente, infractor
a young offender.
offensive /-siv/ adjective


ofensivo, insultante
offensive remarks.


repugnante, desagradable
an offensive smell.

used to attack

an offensive weapon.
offensively adverb

de manera ofensiva
The team is weak offensively.
offensiveness noun

cualidad de ofensivo
be on the offensive

to be making an attack

estar a la ofensiva
She expects people to criticize her and so she is always on the offensive.
take offence/offense (with at)

to be offended (by something)

ofenderse por, sentirse ofendido por
He took offence/offense at what she said.

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