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noun uk /ˈpɪə·ri·əd/ us /ˈpɪər·i·əd/

B1 a length of time

a 24-hour period
a period of four months

B1 in a school, one of the parts of the day when a subject is taught

hora, clase
We have six periods of science a week.

US UK full stop the mark (.) that is put at the end of a sentence, or at the end of a word that has been shortened


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noun /ˈpiəriəd/

any length of time

a period of three days
a period of waiting.

a stage in the Earth’s development, an artist’s development, in history etc

era, fase, etapa
the Pleistocene period
the modern period.

the punctuation mark (.), put at the end of a sentence; a full stop.

periodic /-ˈo-/ adjective

happening, done etc occasionally

He suffers from periodic fits of depression.

(also periodical) happening, done etc at regular intervals

periodical reports.
periodically adverb

We see each other periodically.
periodical /-ˈo-/ noun

a magazine which is issued regularly (every week, month etc)

periódico, publicación periódica
a lifestyle periodical aimed at women.
periodic table /ˈpiəriˈodik ˈteibəl/ noun

(chemistry) a table in which the chemical elements are arranged in order of increasing atomic number. Elements with similar properties are shown in related groups

Tabla Periódica
The periodic table is one of the most important tools for understanding chemistry.

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