Translation of "pierce" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /pɪəs/ us /pɪərs/ present participle piercing, past tense and past participle pierced

to make a hole in something using a sharp point

perforar, atravesar
I had my ears pierced.

(Translation of “pierce” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


verb /piəs/

(of pointed objects) to go into or through (something)

atravesar, traspasar
The arrow pierced his arm
A sudden light pierced the darkness.

to make a hole in or through (something) with a pointed object

perforar, agujerear
Pierce the lid before removing it from the jar.
piercing adjective

loud; shrill

penetrante, agudo, desgarrador
a piercing scream.

(of cold weather, winds etc) sharp; intense

cortante, penetrante
a piercing wind
piercing cold.

looking intently or sharply as though able to see through things

piercing eyes
a piercing glance.
piercingly adverb

penetrantemente, cortantemente
She looked at him piercingly.
piercingness noun

carácter penetrante, agudo

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