Translation of "realize" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb present participle realizing, past tense and past participle realized UK usually -ise uk /ˈrɪə·laɪz/ us /ˈri·əˌlɑɪz/

B1 to notice or understand something that you did not notice or understand before

darse cuenta (de)
I suddenly realized I’d met him before.

to achieve something that you wanted

At 50, he had realized all of his ambitions.

(Translation of “realize” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


verb /ˈriəlaiz/

to know; to understand

comprender; darse cuenta
I realize that I can’t have everything I want
I realized my mistake.

to make real; to make (something) come true

realizar(se), cumplir(se)
He realized his ambition to become an astronaut
My worst fears were realized.

to make (money) by selling something

sacar, obtener, reportar
He realized $60,000 on the sale of his apartment.
realization noun ( (also realisationBritish))

the act of realizing

comprensión; realización
the realization of his mistake/hopes.

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