Translation of "receive" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /rɪˈsiːv/ us /rɪˈsiv/ present participle receiving, past tense and past participle received

A2 to get something that someone has given or sent to you

Occasionally he receives letters from fans.

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verb /rəˈsiːv/

to get or be given

He received a letter
They received a good education.

to have a formal meeting with

The Pope received the Queen in the Vatican.

to allow to join something

recibir, acoger
He was received into the group.

to greet, react to, in some way

recibir, acoger
The news was received in silence
The townspeople received the heroes with great cheers.

to accept (stolen goods) especially with the intention of reselling (them)

comerciar (con)
He was found guilty of receiving stolen goods.
receiver noun

the part of a telephone which is held to one’s ear

She picked up the receiver.

an apparatus for receiving radio or television signals.


a person who receives stolen goods.

receptador, perista

a person who is appointed to take control of the business of someone who has gone bankrupt.

síndico (de quiebras)

a stereo amplifier with a built-in radio.

receive is spelt with -ei-.

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