Translation of "ring" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb /riŋ/ (past tense rang /raŋ/, past participle rung /raŋ/)

to (cause to) sound

The doorbell rang
He rang the doorbell
The telephone rang.

(often with up) to telephone (someone)

llamar (por teléfono)
I’ll ring you (up) tonight.

(often with for) to ring a bell (eg in a hotel) to tell someone to come, to bring something etc

She rang for the maid.

(of certain objects) to make a high sound like a bell

The glass rang as she hit it with a metal spoon.

to be filled with sound

The hall rang with the sound of laughter.

(often with out) to make a loud, clear sound

His voice rang through the house
A shot rang out.
ring a bell

to have been seen, heard etc before, but not remembered in detail

sonar, recordar (a algo)
His name rings a bell, but I don’t remember where I’ve heard it before.
ring back phrasal verb

to telephone (someone who has telephoned)

volver a llamar
If he is busy at the moment, he can ring me back
He’ll ring back tomorrow.
ring off phrasal verb

to end a telephone call

He said goodbye and then rang off.
ring true

to sound true

sonar a cierto, parecer cierto
His story does not ring true.

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